Who am I?

Who am I? 

I'm mean I know I am a mom and a wife and a Christian. I know I clean houses to make some extra money to get us out of debt. I know I work for the church. I know I love Jesus. And I know that I want to spread the love of Jesus to the world. But who am I? Me? As a person, not as the roles that defined me. What defines me if I took away all those roles who would I be? I know that I am a child of the king. And I know that I am a sinner. But what else is there, who am "I"? 

Every day I go through the roles, the motions, all day and then the day is done. What else is there here on earth to define me, I mean really define me? Working for the church behind the scenes to spread the word, the Gospel, the love of Jesus gives me purpose. But what about the rest? Raising my special needs children (one with Down syndrome and one who is highly gifted with ADHD and ODD) and trying to do my best, but I always end up yelling at them.  Always rushing them and being rushed to get to the next thing, the next obligation. The boys each need their own extracurricular activity. Friday is family night but I'm so tired by Friday evening that I can't even bring myself to make our homemade pizzas. My house is a disaster. I keep cleaning it and then it keeps getting messy. So all I can figure is that I am a mom, a teacher, a referee,  a wife,  A maid, a chauffeur and way too busy.  As a part time employee of the church (which I actually enjoy) I suppose I am Helping to spread the love of Jesus.  But what happens when you take all that away? 

Who am I.

Maybe I am just simply a child of the king who wants to spread the love of Jesus. And A mom, a wife, a maid, a teacher, a referee, and a chauffeur. Maybe the roles I play actually define me as me. 

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